Prepare Your Home for the Upcoming Hurricane Season

Key Steps to Prepare for the Storm Season

Taking time to prepare for the storm now can save you a lot of heartache and expense in the future. To prepare for the hurricane season, you should:

• Batten down the hatches: Shuttering your windows, boarding up skylights and covering doors is an important step in limiting the damage caused by a storm. Flying glass is extremely dangerous, and these items are very expensive to repair or replace.
• Create an emergency kit: Ideally, no one will be in your home or business during a severe storm; evacuating the area in the face of a hurricane or tropical storm is important to your family’s safety. Unfortunately, some storms sneak up on us, or are far more severe than predicted. These types of situations make it important to have a comprehensive emergency kit readily available to all members of your family.
• Create an emergency action plan: Planning for severe weather in advance is important. Be sure to create a comprehensive emergency plan, and review the plan regularly with every member of your family or company.
• Secure your property: One of the most common causes of damage during a hurricane or tropical storm is flying debris. This makes it important to go be sure that all parts of your home are secured, including screen doors, awnings, shutters, basketball hoops and even pools. Securing these items and others like them can help to limit the damage from the storm.
• Relocate valuable items if possible: Packing family valuables and mementos and taking them with you during the evacuation process can help to limit your losses, and the emotional stress of trying to replace family photos and heirlooms.
• Review your insurance coverage: A comprehensive insurance plan is important in limiting your financial damages following a storm. Conducting a careful review of your existing coverage and other options annually or after a large property purchase is a great way to be sure that you are covered against the costs of hurricane damage. Our agents are happy to review your coverage and available policy options at any time, free of charge.

Are you prepared for the upcoming storm season? Have you taken other steps to secure your property and wish to share them with your neighbors in the Baton Rouge and River Parishes area? Post your advice in the comments section below.