What You Need to Know About Louisiana. Workers Comp

Workers’ compensation is the oldest social insurance program in the United States. It became mandatory for many employers in 1913. Louisiana Labor Code requires all employers, with limited exceptions, to carry workers’ compensation insurance. Workers compensation insurance programs were designed to eliminate litigation over whether employers were negligent in causing workers’ injuries.

Whether your Louisiana business employs one staff person or 1,000, you are most likely required to carry some form of workers compensation insurance. While the mining and construction industries receive the most attention when workplace incidents occur, all employers can benefit from this type of protection. From printers and manufacturers to the service industry and professionals, things can go wrong in any type of employment environment.

There are five basic types of workers’ compensation benefits available in Louisiana, depending on the nature and severity of the worker’s injury: medical care; temporary disability benefits; permanent disability benefits; vocational rehabilitation services; and death benefits.

Employers may finance their liability for workers’ compensation benefits by self-insurance, private insurance, or state insurance. However, only the largest, most stable employers generally opt for the self-insurance method, and those that do must obtain a certificate from the Louisiana Office of Workers Compensation Administration.

Most Louisiana employers choose a private insurance company to handle their workers’ compensation benefits. Employers may purchase insurance from any of the hundreds of private insurance companies which are licensed by the Department of Insurance to transact workers’ compensation insurance in Louisiana. However, with so many different insurance providers to choose from, many business owners struggle to find great coverage at a price that also meets their bottom line.

When you contact our agency, you have taken the first step in securing the best workers’ compensation package for your employees. We can assist you in locating several quotes from a variety of insurance companies, ensuring the policy you purchase offers comprehensive coverage at the most affordable rates. Contact us find out how you can save on your workers’ compensation insurance premiums.