Insurance for Your Recreation Vehicles

Louisiana is home to dozens of lakes and thousands of acres of parks and off-road trails. Indeed, the Pelican State offers many attractive locations for the thrill and adventure seeker. Owners of boats, RVs, ATVs and motorcycles have no shortage of exciting destination at which they can enjoy their favorite recreational pastime. The region also has its fair share of accidents involving these vessels and vehicles and insurance claims to match.

Nearly 100 people are killed every year on Louisiana waterways, according to the U.S. Coast Guard Office of Boating Safety. A single boating accident in the state averages $100,000 in damages and/or injuries. Thousands of emergency room visits are attributed to ATV riding every year as well. A study conducted by Louisiana State University found that between 600 and 700 motorcyclists are injured every year on the state’s streets and highways and nearly an average of 80 are killed, despite a near 90 percent helmet usage rate. Accidents involving RVs are less common, but often more costly in terms of property damage. RV owners face more risk while parked at the campground than they do on the pavement, however.

It’s never fun to think about the dangers and risks surrounding what are supposed to be our avenues to relaxation and enjoyment. Most recreation vehicle owners work hard to afford the pleasure of boating, riding or camping. Unfortunately, many find their vacation dreams turning to nightmares when an accident occurs and they discover their insurance is insufficient to cover the costs. It’s even worse for those who forgo the option of carrying boat or ATV insurance all together.

Don’t let a single accident or injury derail your recreational plans. Our agents can identify your insurance needs, suggest coverage options, and assist you in finding several quotes from a variety of companies, enabling you to find the best coverage at the most affordable rates. Whether you own one, some or all of the recreational vehicle varieties, we will help you save on premiums by finding discounts whenever available. Contact us to help insure all of the recreational vehicles in your toy box.