Boat Safety Tips

Venturing out, for the first time, onto the ocean waves in your brand new family boat costing $250,000 is likely to be a bit nerve racking. Yes, you may well have attended the “About Boating Safety” course that included boat safety tips but a reminder of those tips is not going to hurt. The sea is unforgiving so any ways that you can prevent a “disaster in the making” is to be welcomed.

Boat courses
It is good that you attended the above course but there are so many more courses that you can attend such as boat handling and navigation. So, over the coming months book yourself onto a few to improve your boating skills.

The sun may be shining before you leave the comfort of home to venture down to the marina and take the boat out for a day’s cruising. That doesn’t mean to say that the weather will be like that all day. So, check the forecast. Also, when on the water, look out for indications that the weather may be changing for the worse. For instance, rapid temperature drops and dark clouds appearing on the horizon that can be an indication of bad weather not being far away. In that situation – get back to the safety of land as quickly as possible.

Boat Safety Checklist
You can get a free boat safety check carried out by a specialist from the U.S. Coastguard. They will check that you are carrying the appropriate safety equipment that is legally required and look at the condition of the items.

Before pulling away from the jetty go through a checklist to make sure that you have remembered to do things and have everything on board that you will need. For example, notify someone of your intended route and times, have you got enough fuel, food and water on board, is everyone wearing life jackets and is the life raft in good working order. Make a visual inspection of the boat’s hull and other parts.

Life jackets
Included in the U.S. Coast Guard’s 2011 Recreational Boating Statistical Abstract report were some interesting statistics. These revealed that deaths involving boating accidents had increased by 12.8% in that year. Of the 758 fatalities, 533 of them were due to people drowning. A staggering 84% of those victims were not wearing life jackets. As already stated above, make sure that everyone on board your boat, including yourself, is wearing a life jacket.

Consideration for other boat users
When on the water, show consideration for other vessels making sure that you follow the rules governing giving way. It may be tempting to want to power your boat up to maximum speed as quickly as possible. However, wait until you are out of the marina, out of the way of other boats and only motor along at a speed you feel comfortable with. Do you remember how nervous you were when you drove your car for the first time? – you took your time then!

Learn to swim
Yes, a life jacket may keep your head above water if you fall over-board but either you need to swim back to the boat or someone else and/or the boat needs to get to you. If it is someone else that needs to go into the water to help pull you out then his or her life is being put at risk-learn to swim.

Avoid drinking alcohol whilst in charge of your boat. Statistically, you are twice as likely to be involved in an accident if you have been consuming alcohol.

Boat Insurance in Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Having just spent $250,000 purchasing your family boat, don’t forget to make sure that you buy boat insurance. Whilst it is not a legal requirement, you must surely wish to protect your investment and, of course, provide coverage for any damage to any other vessels.

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