5 Car Insurance Discounts You May Not Know About (But Could Qualify For)

You may think you are taking advantage of every savings opportunity offered by your insurance company, but many insurers offer lesser-known discounts that you may not be aware of—and that you could be eligible for. Consider the following five discounts, and let us know if you think you might be eligible for any of them!

  • Low mileage discount: Many insurance companies provide a premium discount for drivers who drive fewer miles annually. Typically, someone who only drives between 7,500 and 15,000 miles per year could be eligible for a low mileage discount. If your annual mileage falls within this range (or lower), contact us to determine if you are eligible for a low-mileage discount from your insurance company.
  • Anti-theft discount: Insurance companies often provide discounts for vehicles with factory installed anti-theft devices. Some companies may even provide discounts if theft deterrents are installed after you purchase your car. Discounts will vary among insurance companies and are based on the type of device you have and where you live.
  • Paid-in-full discount: Insurance companies often provide a small discount (e.g., 5%) for customers who pay their auto insurance premium in one lump sum at the beginning of the policy period. While this may not be possible fro everyone, if you can pay your insurance premium in full every year, it is a great way to save a little money.
  • Good credit discount: Insurance companies look favorably upon those with good credit. While not all insurance companies will check your credit score, many do. They cite evidence that there is a direct correlation between low credit scores and high claim activity, and therefore they reward customers with good credit scores with lower rates.
  • Preferred occupation/affinity discounts: Some insurance companies provide discounts for people engaged in certain occupations or who are members of certain groups. This might mean offering a set discount for police officers, firefighters, doctors, dentists, nurses or teachers, or discounts for people who belong to certain unions and even certain fraternities or other organizations. Contact us to find out if your insurance company offers a discount for your occupation or for a group that you are a member of.

Do you think you might be eligible for any of these lesser-known discounts? Are you currently receiving any of them? Were you aware of these discounts?