Blog Posts For 2013

Prepare Your Home for the Upcoming Hurricane Season

Key Steps to Prepare for the Storm Season Taking time to prepare for the storm now can save you a lot of heartache and expense in the future. To prepare for the hurricane season, you should: Read More

Tips for Preventing Identity Theft

What is identity theft? Simply put, it is when someone steals your identity by pretending to be you. This would allow the thief to obtain benefits, borrow money and take other actions in your name. As a result, you may be held responsible for those actions and debts. The person committing identity Read More

Floods: An Expensive Disaster

Nearly a third of homeowners believe their homeowners or renters insurance includes coverage for damage caused by flooding. Unfortunately, most policies do not offer any protections. Flood insurance is entirely separate from a home policy. But do you really need it? Read More