Blog Posts For 2013

Mind Your Ps and Qs Online: Social Media Opens Up a Whole New World of Liability Exposures for Individuals and Insurance Companies

According to research by Gen Re, in 1993, only 12% of U.S. homes had Internet access. By 2011, over 77% had Internet access. With the explosive growth of blogs; so-called “gripe sites” where people can criticize a product, service, corporation or organization; and social media sites like Facebook, Read More

Coverage Considerations for ATV Owners

If you have an ATV or another off-road, recreational vehicle, you probably need a separate ATV insurance policy. Why? Read More

Why a Local Agent Matters: An Independent Agent Gives You Choice

Why a local agent matters: An independent agency gives you choice When it comes to purchasing life insurance or indeed any form of insurance you have a variety of options. You can go on the Internet and key something like “ life insurance quotes” or “ car insurance quotes” (depending on the type Read More

Boat Safety Tips

Venturing out, for the first time, onto the ocean waves in your brand new family boat costing $250,000 is likely to be a bit nerve racking. Yes, you may well have attended the “About Boating Safety” course that included boat safety tips but a reminder of those tips is not going to hurt. The sea is Read More

Hurricanes: What to do if You Are Affected

Each year, hurricanes and tropical storms cause millions of dollars in damage throughout Baton Rouge and the River Parishes. Although there are multiple steps you can take to prepare for a hurricane, it is important to also understand what you can do if you are affected by a hurricane. Read on to Read More